Our Partners

We partner with other organizations to ensure that we offer the best possible service and products.  Some of our collaborators are listed below.

Community Outreach
When our evaluation projects require culturally competent and community-friendly data collection approaches, CRS partners with local community leaders.  Collaborators in these endeavors have included:

  • CREA Results
  • Rural Solutions

Database Development
Software technologies now make database and tracking systems accessible to many programs.  For the development of these types of systems, CRS collaborates with:

Social Marketing Services
CRS works with graphic design and media firms when helping to develop and evaluate social marketing campaigns including:

Video Production
CRS  has partnered with a number of health education programs to produce videos and other types of media through which health communication can be advanced.  Our partners in this arena include:

CRS is always looking for new partnerships and collaborations.  Contact us if there are opportunities for us to work with you!