Colorado, Jump into your local Public Libraries, Summer Reading Program! By Krista Vachon

Krista Vachon School may be out for most Colorado youth while busy parents are left wondering how to keep their children learning over the summer.  One option has been created by the Colorado Commissioner of Education Robert Hammond and the Colorado State Library who are urging educators and families to help students retain and develop academic skills over the summer by reading and using the free online tool, “Find A Book Colorado.” This online tool offers families a fast and easy way to search books within the Lexile framework to find reading materials that match the skills of readers of all ages and interests.

Commissioner Hammond has stressed that developing early literacy skills should be a priority in Colorado and that we must work together to encourage children to read during the summer. Local public libraries will also be encouraging children ages 0-18 to participate in exciting Summer Reading Programs that encourage children and teens to read while attending great events at local libraries throughout the summer.

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) reports that “Reading for fun over the summer is very important for children and teens. Reading often during the summer helps students keep up the reading skills they gained during their last year in school.” CDE also states that kids have more fun when they see others reading.  Moreover, allowing them to choose their own books is helpful to keeping them enthusiastic about reading.

CRS encourages families to participate in these exciting free summer programs.  Locate your local public library to register for the 2013 Summer Reading Program and “Find A Book Colorado” to keep your children’s imaginations alive this summer.

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