Education Agencies

The Center for Research Strategies has worked successfully with education agencies to utilize evaluation resources to maximize student outcomes.  We recognize that education agencies provide services to an increasingly diverse population; with our bilingual and bicultural staff, we can ensure that the services we provide are culturally appropriate.  We can partner with you to develop grant proposals, evaluate the effectiveness of new curricula, develop and implement evaluation plans and assist in other ways, as described in the services provided section below.

The Center for Research Strategies understands that education agencies often need to break their evaluation into smaller components that fit within their budgetary constraints and therefore, we offer a menu of services from which you can choose.  Whether you need someone to facilitate your strategic planning efforts, develop an evaluation, or synthesize your data into a useable report detailing results, lessons learned, and recommendations, we provide the services you can leverage to maximize student outcomes and demonstrate your success to obtain additional funding.

Services We Provide

  • Evaluation planning, design, implementation, and technical assistance
  • Organizational Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Research planning, design, implementation, and technical assistance
  • Adapt existing databases or create customized student tracking systems to track students, manage programs, and produce program reports
  • Quantitative or qualitative analysis of existing program data
  • Grant proposal development
  • In depth technical reports of evaluation or research process and outcomes that include lessons learned and future recommendations
  • Concise executive summaries tailored to a variety of audiences as requested by clients
  • Client requested presentations to professional audiences and key stakeholder groups

Selected Current and Former Education Clients

  • The Denver Public School District received a Teaching American History grant from the U.S. Department of Education to design and implement a new history curriculum in elementary, middle, and high schools to raise student achievement by improving teachers' knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of American history.  CRS is assessing the extent to which teachers are learning new history content as well as new instructional strategies to teach their students to think critically.