For-Profit Organizations

In this competitive economic environment, for-profit organizations can partner with CRS to increase their profitability.  CRS offers a range of services that businesses can use to increase their efficiency and productivity, conduct and implement strategic planning, and connect with clients to determine program effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and emerging customer needs.

The Center for Research Strategies understands that for-profit organizations often need to break their evaluation into smaller components that fit within your budgetary constraints and therefore, we offer a menu of services from which you can choose.  Whether you need someone to facilitate your strategic planning efforts, identify customer needs or satisfaction, or evaluate the effectiveness of your products, we provide the services you can leverage to increase your profitability.

Services We Provide

  • Facilitate strategic planning sessions to identify organizational mission, vision and values
  • Provide customized research and evaluation
  • Research literature and provide a detailed literature review related to projects and programs
  • Develop and implement overall evaluation frameworks and plan for specific projects and programs
  • Design and conduct survey research in paper or electronic form 
  • Conduct focus group sessions or key-informant interviews to capture in-depth qualitative data
  • Create customized client profiling systems to track clients, manage programs and report data
  • Document project and programs successes & lessons learned
  • Analyze outcome data to examine program and project impact and success
  • Prepare reports detailing project / program results, lessons learned and recommendations
  • Provide evaluation technical assistance to program or project participants
  • Apply state-of-the-art organizational theories to advance leadership, team-building, and results-oriented management within client organizations

For-profit Initiatives & Projects

  • A Major Difference
  • New West Physicians (NWP)