The Center for Research Strategies has a long history of working with foundations.  We recognize that the priorities and needs of foundations are changing.  While in the past, foundations may have been satisfied to know that their funding enabled worthy organizations to provide services to their communities, many foundations are now interested in more definitively documenting the impacts of their grant-making.  Foundation boards are asking what has been the value of their grants for communities and whether their funding is making a difference.

CRS works with foundations in multiple ways. Foundations hire us directly to evaluate the impact of specific projects or initiatives.  In other cases, we partner with organizations to prepare grant proposals to foundations, providing evaluation services so they may demonstrate the impact of their grant funded projects in the community.

Services We Provide

  • Provide customized evaluation, research and policy development services
  • Conduct reviews of the research literature
  • Document project successes and lessons learned
  • Develop and implement overall evaluation frameworks
  • Develop and utilize databases for processing information
  • Develop interviews, focus groups and site visit protocols
  • Develop survey instruments
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative data analyses
  • Provide evaluation technical assistance to grantees or project participants
  • Provide ongoing evaluation and project feedback to project officers and directors
  • Develop and write technical reports, including manuscripts for publication 

Current and Former Foundation Clients

  • Daniels Fund
  • Gates Foundation
  • The Colorado Health Foundation
  • The Colorado Trust
  • The Jim Casey Foundation