Government Agencies

Government agencies vary widely from small departments in city government to large federal divisions.  What is common across government agencies is the need to demonstrate that tax-payer dollars are being spent wisely and used efficiently.  This means that agencies need to be able to show constituent groups that the programs they fund have a meaningful impact on their lives and their communities.

CRS has a long history of working with government agencies.  Whether you need grant writing assistance to fund a new or existing program, help in conducting a needs assessment to determine how resources should be distributed, or a formal evaluation of the effectiveness of your program, we can work with you to provide the type of research and evaluation services you need.  We will also work with you to ensure that all methods employed are age, gender and culturally appropriate.

Services We Provide

  • Assist with the development of federal, state and foundation grant proposals
  • Provide technical evaluation assistance and coaching   
  • Provide customized research and evaluation services
  • Formulate project logic models 
  • Conduct reviews of the research literature
  • Develop and implement overall evaluation frameworks
  • Select or develop age, gender and culturally-appropriate measures and tools
  • Conduct project focus groups and summarize results
  • Document project successes and lessons learned
  • Create and evaluate social marketing strategies
  • Develop and utilize data bases for processing project information 
  • Conduct process evaluation and outcome evaluations and
  • Summarize project and evaluation findings in reports suitable for various audiences. 

Current and Former Government Clients

  • Colorado State Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership (STEPP)
  • Colorado Department of Education
  • The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
  • Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
  • Colorado Department of Human Services
  • Centers for Disease Control, United States Department of Health and Human Services